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  1. Alenas Retired Moderator Sep 05, 2016

    Quote by ArtificialRaindrop

    Quote by Alenas

    Quote by ArtificialRaindrop I absolutely love how vibrant all of the colors turned out! :D

    Photoshop... what is this photoshop of which your speak? >_> <_< >_>

    Lol, I'm glad to see old, familiar faces here. I've missed you guys~ T_T Thankies~

    And haha, yeah, tell me about it. It's a miracle I still know how anything works in that thing. >_>
    How's life treating ya? Working on anything or has RL gotten the best of you, too? xD

    Real life definitely took over. I started a new job with a school system recently so I can finally have summers off. One day I will actually finish the wallpapers I have sitting around on my computer >_> I try to peek in from time to time, at least! Also, I noticed Animepaper is gone :O

    Ooh, that's awesome! One of the advantages of working with a school system is definitely having summers off. xD What does your job entail?

    I'm pretty much done with my WIPs (except one single wall I just can't force myself to work on, poor thing lol) but every now and then, some pretty scan snatches my attention and I decide to do something with it. Simple things mostly, I don't really have the time or the motivation to do grand things anymore, sadly.

    Yah, real life took over here, as well. I am currently doing my internship, after which I have to pass the final, professional exam (despite the fact I graduated Uni last year, stupid system) and then I can finally start looking for a job. Which will probably be comedy with tragic elements, judging by the situation here. xD

    Oh yeah, AP's been gone forever now. For over...2-3 years now, I think? Well, it was some kind of portfolio thing after the wallpaper site definitely died but that thing died pretty soon, too, so yeah, basically nothing remained of it anymore. Ah, well, all things come to an end I guess, although I still like to reminisce about the good old days there...

  2. Alenas Retired Moderator Aug 15, 2016

    Quote by ArtificialRaindrop I absolutely love how vibrant all of the colors turned out! :D

    Photoshop... what is this photoshop of which your speak? >_> <_< >_>

    Lol, I'm glad to see old, familiar faces here. I've missed you guys~ T_T Thankies~

    And haha, yeah, tell me about it. It's a miracle I still know how anything works in that thing. >_>
    How's life treating ya? Working on anything or has RL gotten the best of you, too? xD

  3. Monu-chan Retired Moderator Jul 29, 2016

    Quote by ArtificialRaindrop Very nice! I love the quality of the vectoring here, and the soft fiery glow added for lighting.

    Thank you so much for fave and comment on my wallie! :D
    I'm glad you liked it. :)

  4. agent-Achika Oct 20, 2015

    GM Artificial Rain drop!
    -Which character are U
    gonna dress as & fm wat
    series or videogame?
    Do U cos-play often?
    Have U ever bought a
    pre-made costume?
    It just seems like tht
    would be a less expensive
    & time consuming option.
    -Do you ever travel out of
    state for anime conventions
    & partake in National AX's?
    -Do you buy tons of nice
    merchandise such as:
    plushies, clothes, artbks,
    weapons, games, manga
    , anime series dvds etc.
    The reason I ask tht is
    bcuz I have friends who
    refuse spending money
    to cos-play but will
    literally spend well over
    $1000 up to $3000 on
    merchandise alone & tht
    hasn't even included the
    expensive hotel fees yet.
    Lol I find tht a little excessive.
    -What type of job do U have?
    & wat exactly does it entail?
    I'm not sure if I asked ya tht
    already bcuz its been so
    long since we've spoken
    tht I've actly have forgotten.
    So I apologize in advance.
    -Other than the manga series
    tht is already listed in your
    (About Me) section has there
    been any newly written series
    tht U've recently discovered &
    have enjoyed reading as of late?
    Same question but this time
    pertaining to anime series.
    -Do ya read memoirs at all?
    -Do you listen to foreign
    music at all? It can be a
    solo artist or band doesn't
    matter in my book.
    -Hows the weather in Texas?
    Its just now starting to
    get chilly where I live.
    I am gonna need to buy
    a mini heater asap but
    I'm looking for a non-typical
    heater due to wanting to save
    money on the heat bill.
    Sorry if I jus burdened ya
    with TMI just needed to
    get tht off my chest is all lol.
    Specifically I want a solar heater.
    -Do ya have any pets?
    -Are ya into girly things
    at all? Such as: goin shopping
    , buying cute clothes, trying
    new makeup lines, or buying
    new hair products to make ya
    long locks look voluminous?
    Or are ya more of a plain jane?
    Or more of a gothic emo chic?
    Not tryin to invade ur privacy
    I'm just curious is all.
    Feel free to ask me questions
    too if ya want i dont mind.
    -Have any movies come out
    or are comin out soon
    this year or in 2016 tht
    your eagered to see?

  5. agent-Achika Oct 09, 2015

    GM Artificial Raindrop!
    -Long time no talk.
    -How is work goin?
    -How are U in general?

  6. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Apr 19, 2015

    Quote by ArtificialRaindrop

    Yes, and yes, though I'm likely going to be extremely slow making one. I'm so out of practice XD I definitely plan to check back here more, if nothing else. I couldn't believe how long it was since I last logged in.

    I've been pretty good, just so busy that by the time I get off work I tend to be lazy. How has life been treating you? :)

    I can't fault you for that. Given your vast skillset and expertise, it'd probably take a little bit to get back everything but I'd imagine also with your talent it wont' take you long either!

    Haha, I thought you had moved on, so it's wonderful to see you back on here. Who else am I suppose to talk horror games with? Like with Team Perfect's Silent Hill break down of the HD collection and Downpour, or how Resident Evil has decided to branch off with the main series apparently being more action based and Revelations being more classic style, and then with Revelations being released episodic. Or the fact that there's plans to bring Fatal Frame V over to the US!

    Oh gosh, I'm sorry.

    I'm glad that your taking time to be lazy after work. Nothing like relaxing after a long day!

    Life has been enjoying! I've taken a break from Minitokyo to focus on my YouTube channel, which is a cross between First Impressions and Art Book Reviews. Outside of that, I'm slowly working on my backlog when I get the free time outside of graphic design freelance work. Living far further south now, so I'm not surrounded by cold anymore. I must confess I should of done it much sooner.

    What about yourself though? That was a bit of a rant so I do apologize.

  7. agent-Achika Apr 17, 2015

    Gd Morning ArtificalRainDrop!
    -Ya welcome.
    -I appreciate U replying overall.
    Even if its been a year long.
    It means a lot tht U'd take
    the time to read & respond
    to my msg considering I am
    at least atvm a complete stranger.
    -I like to do lots of things.
    Such as: shop & do karaoke.
    Most of my Hobbies
    are listed in those 3 boxes
    on my UPS & are quite detailed.
    Pls don't take it personal.
    Its just a lot of stuff to
    write down esp since
    I'm NOT on a laptop nor
    PC or tablet for tht matter.
    I figured the 3 boxes on
    my UPS would make things
    easier for ppl visiting my pg.
    -Atm I am finishing up 2
    mangas & plan to begin
    another as soon as I'm
    done with these 2 series.
    I am also watchn 1 anime
    series tht I've been too busy
    to complete in the past.
    I tend to like mature series
    of: drama, comedy,
    action, romance, mystery
    , & psychological genres.
    My particular genre tht
    I ♥ is called: (Seinen)
    & the series I tend to view
    encompasses it with
    a touch all of the
    genres I listed up above
    in one way or another.
    Kiddie series annoy me
    to no end yuck lol.
    What genres do U enjoy?
    The series I am currently
    reading is:(All U need is kill)
    & the insanely funny (Sankarea).
    Do U watch anime films?
    - How about OVA's?
    I ♥ OVA's with a passion.
    What do ya do outside
    of making fabulous wallies?
    -Got any anime male crushes?
    Just thought I'd ask for the
    hell of it is all lol....................
    -What kind of work do ya do?
    Is ya job fun for U?
    -How wud ya describe Ur
    personal sense of style?
    -Do ya have any pets?
    -In college or trade school?
    -Know how to cook or bake?
    -How do ya customize dolls?
    -Out of curiosity do U know
    how to make UPS layouts
    for members here on MT?
    Ever made one before?
    The reason I ask is bcuz
    ya UPS is gorgeous imho.
    -Plan on seeing any new
    live-action films this yr?
    -Listen to iinternational
    music bands or solo artist at all?
    - Looking forward to
    reading ya answers hehe.
    Pls reply & thanx for reading.

  8. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Apr 16, 2015

    Quote by ArtificialRaindrop
    <_< >_>

    You didn't see nuthin'! *peeks from around the corner*

    Does this mean that you might be returning to Minitokyo, and perhaps even might be doing a wallpaper?!

    but more importantly, how have you been in the past few years?

  9. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Apr 16, 2015

    Oh my, I've spotted a ghost!

  10. Painter Apr 16, 2015

    Quote by ArtificialRaindrop I'm a sucker for sun and moon themed work :3

    But that being said, this is absolutely STUNNING.The composition, the line-art, the delicate & smooth painting... it all works beautifully together. Congratulations on the highlight!

    Didn't know about that...

    Thank you a lot for those words. I really appreciate every :] So spending so much time on it wasn't a wasting ^-^ I'm really glad, people find this work interesting :3 But I'm not sure it deserves to be highlighted >.>

    Thanks once more :DD

  11. Angi Retired Moderator Apr 16, 2015

    Quote by ArtificialRaindrop
    I've been good, I just feel out of the loop, haha. I got really busy at work, so by the time I got home I didn't feel like doing anything but be lazy. Also, Guild Wars 2 hasn't helped. That started eating what little free time I had.

    What have you been up to? :D

    Also, why in the world are you not on my friendslist? GET ON IT. *adds*

    I know the feel >.> is f*ckd up to grow up and work.
    Me, been good, working, studying, doing stuff, and still coming here even if it's kinda dead these days lol, I'm startin to feel old xD.

    Idk we were watchers only, never knew why we weren't fwends back then xD *adds back*

  12. Angi Retired Moderator Apr 16, 2015

    Quote by ArtificialRaindrop
    I KNOW. I've been so busy with work, but I suddenly had the urge to come look at artwork after watching Madoka Magica.

    It's good so see you again \o/

    Oh Madoka <3!
    Good to see you too! how have you been!?

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